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Jive Communities and the Competition: Benchmarks and Best Practices for Intranets and Customer Communities

The Community Roundtable: Benchmarking the Jive Communities

“How does our community compare?”

“How can I benchmark our community?”

If you’re asking these questions, you’re already on the right track to managing a successful community. Jive is thrilled to partner with The Community Roundtable to bring our customers the second annual research and key findings to help them compare themselves directly with their Jive community peers.

The Community Roundtable, an organization dedicated to advancing the business of community, has charted community maturity for hundreds of clients over the last six years. They’ve published their findings in their annual State of Community Management (SOCM) special report. And now they have focused in on the Jive-powered communities from their 2016 SOCM report and how they compared with the overall sample.

Inside this exclusive resource, you’ll discover the value of community benchmarking, the demographics of Jive communities, find key recommendations and more. Most importantly, you’ll find Community Benchmarks by Competency, with results for Jive communities and average communities laid out, side-by-side.

You can also get the 2015 report in the JiveWorks customer community (must be a customer and member of the Customer Hub group).

Get the 2016 report, and learn how Jive communities benchmark against others in this important, best-practice research.