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Enterprise Collaboration Shouldn't Be a Pile of Legos

Remember getting your first box of LEGOS as a kid? How fun it was putting the pieces together and collaborating with your friends to create something new?

Well, that was then. Now, as an IT professional, as­sembling and maintaining a Lego-like collaboration infrastructure isn’t what you signed up for. Trying to piece together disconnected systems of record with email, document management, web meeting, and office applications—each with its own social fea­tures, UI, mobile app, and user permissions—is about as painful as stepping on a pile of Legos.

Enterprise collaboration can be so much more than a pile of Legos.

This e-book explores how Jive can connect people, applications and systems, and deliver a unified collaboration ex­perience across your infrastructure—one that people will actually use to work better together.

Download the e-book Enterprise Collaboration Shouldn’t Be a Pile of Legos and see how Jive can help you put your Lego pieces together.