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Escaping the Customer Service Dilemma

Here’s one way to do customer service: provide premium live support to everyone, win the love of your customers, and watch your margins evaporate. Here’s another way: hold onto your money, shunt customers off into long support queues or online self-help, and watch brand loyalty and repeat business take a hit. Or you could pick something between those two extremes. But you’d still be balancing the same old trade-offs: quality versus economy and customer satisfaction versus labor costs.

Download this whitepaper to find out how you too can get results like this:

  • 28% reductions in support calls
  • 26% decrease in channel support costs
  • 33% increase in clicks from Google searches
  • 32% percent less time for agents find answers
  • 30 % percent increases in customer satisfaction and retention

Source: December 2010 MarketTools Survey.