Solving Disconnected Teams Through Collaboration

Solving Disconnected Teams Through Collaboration

Why are so many employees disengaged and execs disconnected – and what can corporate communications do to help?

“Only 23% of millennials are engaged which means that the majority of them are emotionally checked out and have little passion for their jobs.” -Gallup, How Millennials Want to Work and Live

Corporate communications professionals feel like they’re fighting a losing battle: Disengaged employees. Disconnected execs. Ignored key initiatives. It sounds like a lot of different issues, but when you get down to it, it’s just one: Fragmentation.

Fragmentation can be seen in every part of the enterprise, but corporate communications feels it most. It’s extensive. It’s pervasive. Luckily, it’s also curable.

So how are successful organizations curing this issue? Better leaders? Better hiring practices (and thus more skilled workers)? Actually, the secret ingredients to a successful corporate communications strategy are far more attainable and repeatable and can be found within a strategic application of the right tools and processes.

In Five Keys to Avoiding Fragmentation in Corporate Comms, you will:

  • Learn the sources of fragmentation and disconnection
  • See why email isn’t the answer (nor are static intranets or those costly all-hands meetings)
  • Discover the five keys to a successful corporate communications strategy
  • And more

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