Next-Level Networking

Break down silos across locations, functions and hierarchies with a next-gen enterprise social network designed for the future of work.

The Enterprise Social Network Built For The Digital Enterprise

With Jive, everyone in your organization can instantly connect, share and get work done more efficiently – no matter where they are and how they work. Increase transparency, eliminate hierarchies and make a big company small with a truly enterprise-grade social networking platform.

Unleash Conversation, Collaboration And Innovation

Get out of email with fast, fluid networking that connects people across your organization: one-on-one, small groups and large, your whole company or your entire external ecosystem. Jive makes it easy to keep employees up-to-the-minute on the projects, people, places and information most relevant to them.

Companies using Jive achieve results like:

  • 15% increase in productivity
  • 83% daily active user rate – an industry best
  • 61% improvement in employee connectivity and alignment
  1. “Jive has made a real difference at our company in a very short period of time. People feel more connected to each other. People feel like they have a voice to bring up their ideas, to respond to others. Jive isn’t just platform to read, it’s a platform to be involved.”

  2. “Before Jive, it was difficult to get your job done. It was difficult to find people. And now, you can just log in. Jive is always on. It’s always available. It’s on your mobile phone. It’s on your desktop. And it just makes life so much easier.”

  3. “Everybody can meet everybody and initiate any kind of communication, collaboration, whatever you want, on the same platform in real time, and whatever is created there is available for everybody else. And that’s the ideal situation for a company.”


Create An Integrated Hub For Meaningful Communication

As an enterprise social network (ESN), Jive enables organizations with a dispersed workforce to collaborate across geographies and departments. From remote workers to cross-functional teams, and from enterprise-wide communities to partners and contractors, Jive connects the people and information that matter most.


Leverage social capabilities like discussions, status updates, comment strings, @mentions, following and more.


Use personalized activity streams to filter out the noise and deliver only the most relevant results.

People Directory

Get to know your network with rich profiles including skills, endorsements, activities, content and more.


Find people, places and content with precise, personalized results based on Jive PeopleGraph technology.

Spaces & Groups

Configure and launch spaces and groups tailored to your teams, departments and communities.

External Collaboration

Leverage externally accessible groups for secure private collaboration with outside contributors.


Connect easily with Active Directory/LDAP, SAML/SSO, MS O365, SharePoint, Google, Salesforce, Jira and more.


Provide a compelling mobile experience that keeps employees connected and productive on the go.


Find relevant people and information fast with machine learning and Jive PeopleGraph technology.

E-Book: The Future of Intranets And Enterprise Social Networks

Learn how to unite the best capabilities of traditional intranets, ESNs and modern collaboration systems. Give your company a single, cohesive environment for company communications, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

The Jive Advantage

What makes Jive different from other collaboration platforms? Six elements that we call The Jive Advantage. 

The highest adoption of any product on the market

The industry’s most powerful search engine

The easiest to use platform for admins and users

The scalable intranet you’ll never outgrow

The single, secure hub to unite your systems

The global leader that delivers innovation and experience

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