“One day the AIs are going to look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons on the plains of Africa… an upright ape living in dust with crude language and tools, all set for extinction.” -Nathan, Ex Machina

If you grew up watching films like Blade Runner and Terminator, the hair on the back of your neck may stand on end when someone starts discussing artificial intelligence (AI). Even if you don’t believe humanlike androids are coming for your family anytime soon, you may have a vague sense of unease that robots are on the verge of taking everyone’s jobs. But, in business, it’s not the cyborgs you should fear, it’s your competitors. That’s because the companies that are embracing workplace AI are getting ready to take over the world.

Companies that are embracing workplace AI are getting ready to take over the world

Dystopian predictions aside, the real future of AI looks to be less evil replicant and more human than ever before. The raging talent wars are only the most recent indication that technology is only meaningful when it supports people. No matter how clever their innovations, companies will always need the most capable and creative workers to fuel those advancements—and to communicate their advantages to customers and partners. As Fortune Magazine senior editor, Geoff Colvin, puts it:

Over time and across economies, technology has multiplied jobs and raised living standards more spectacularly than any other force in history, by far.

Fortune Magazine senior editor, Geoff Colvin

In the coming age of IoT, organizations that master machine learning to derive insights from the coming crush of data—a predicted 44 zettabytes by 2020—will reap massive rewards in the marketplace. Rather than subjugating human beings, AI will free people (and the businesses that employ them) to focus on even more creative endeavors such as ideation, innovation and finding new ways to deliver value to customers. Jive is at the center of these changes. Fueled by machine learning, Interactive Intranets will improve communication and collaboration across silos of corporate memory by short-cutting the steps companies need to go through to find information.

Collaboration and AI will quickly merge in 2017 to finally deliver the enhanced experiences that have long been promised

In his new article in CMSWire entitled “How AI Will Serve Us in the Workplace,” Jive Software’s Executive Vice President of Engineering, Ofer Ben-David, separates the facts from the science fiction. He discusses the importance of analytics and how machine learning is leading the shift away from human interfaces toward more intuitive and contextual systems—systems that will enhance the future workplace rather than decimating it. Best to hold onto your seats, though, because that future is coming faster than you think.


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