Why Workstyle Matters

When employees, partners and customers work together without barriers, anything is possible.

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Enabling the World To Do Great Work

We believe that when people work together to their full potential, wonderful things happen. Employees thrive. Customer and partner relationships deepen. Innovation blooms. Businesses prosper.

That’s our shared mission: empowering people and organizations to work better together by improving the way they connect, communicate and collaborate. It’s our reason for being. It guides our organization. It shapes our products. And it’s manifest in the experience of our customers, who are making the promise of working better come true every day in ways large and small.

People at the Center

The great companies out there know it’s not just technology and processes that build businesses. People build businesses. We enable people to do the best work of their lives with technology that adapts to their way, not the other way. Our products and solutions let you be as productive, innovative and creative as you can be – with tools you'll actually love to use and that deliver real, needle-moving results.


Workstyle: We've All Got One

If you think of lifestyle as a set of habits that shape your life, workstyle is simply the set of habits that shape your work. Everyone has their own workstyle, whether it’s imagining the future, creating processes or investing in relationships. Every organization has its own workstyle, too. It might include open workspaces, video conferences or flex time. We help you identify your workstyle and design the products and solutions that can help you improve it.

Discover Your WorkType™

We all have preferred ways to think, relate and get things done. We call this your WorkType™.

Use the WorkType Navigator to discover how you do your best work.

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Our Products Are the Catalyst

Imagine your employees informed, aligned and collaborating in a way that brings out the best in everyone – regardless of where they are, what device or app they’re using or how they prefer to work. Imagine your customers and partners engaged as never before and functioning as an extension of your teams. That’s what our products make possible.

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