When Tableau deployed its Jive-powered customer community in 2012, it was primarily focused on improving customer support and reducing its caseload through peer-to-peer assistance. Since then, the company that helps people see and understand data, has more than delivered on meeting this objective and has grown their online community to 75,000 users across the globe, addressing specific needs and developing true engagement in a variety of languages. Not only does the Jive-x community resolve thousands of customer issues for Tableau without the need to open support tickets, they have built a successful, expansive ecosystem that converts prospects to customers, improves products, builds Tableau’s brand and cements customer retention and loyalty.

The Tableau Community has 75,000 users around the world

The Tableau Community has support communities for numerous industries

Using Jive-x gamification features, Tableau incentivizes its customers to help answer other customers’ questions. For each correctly answered question in the community, five to 20 support cases are deflected, adding up to thousands of deflected support cases and a six-figure savings. And that was just the beginning. Their community has fostered richer connections between Tableau and its customers and more importantly, amongst its customers themselves. The community has turned into a family of active advocates who are also helping Tableau to improve the company’s product roadmap by contributing valuable product ideas.

What was once a customer support platform is now a powerful customer engagement tool and lead generator for Tableau.

To find out more about Tableau’s customer engagement community, please check out the video below.

If you are attending the upcoming Technology Services World conference, “Tech as a Service; Winning in the Cloud,” in San Diego on May 2-4, don’t miss Tableau Support Community Manager Patrick Van Der Hyde’s informative presentation on how Tableau achieved such a thriving community on May 3 at 2:00-3:00 p.m. PT.

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Tableau Software: Jive-X Community Is a Win-Win for Customers and Customer Support Team

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