In case you missed it, Marketo recently took JiveWorld16 by storm. Not only did Marketo Global Nation Builder, Scott K. Wilder, participate in a keynote panel discussion and share how his company leverages Jive as the foundation for their massive Marketing Nation community, but the company also took home the 2016 Jive Award for “Transforming Customer Engagement for Marketing.”

Now that the dust has settled from another successful JiveWorld conference, we caught up with Scott to learn more about the work they are doing and get some additional insight into what Jive is to Marketo, the benefits they’re seeing, how Jive has personally changed how he works and his vision for their community.

Marketo's Marketing Nation community supports 60,000 members

Marketo Global Nation Builder, Scott K. Wilder, Shares How Jive Keeps the Marketing Nation Alive

Jive: As the lead owner, builder and driver of the Marketo Marketing Nation, you have seen the community grow to 60,000 members from across 4,500 customer companies, 550 partners and nearly 1,000 Marketo employees, all within one year. If you had to very quickly summarize what Jive is to Marketo, how would you define it?

Scott: Jive Helps Keep Our Community Alive! We are building a Marketing Nation consisting of digital marketers around the world. Our community is the place where customers, partners and other marketers can share best practices and learn from each other.

Jive: What are the top 3 benefits your company has experienced using Jive?

Scott: Since we moved to Jive, our overall engagement is up over 30%. The top 3 benefits we’ve experienced are that we can integrate other platforms and apps into the Jive platform, it’s easy to manage and we can focus on delivering a great customer experience versus focusing on the evolution of the platform, which we would have to do if we built it ourselves or worked with another company besides Jive. The ease of management can be attributed to the great admin functionality, Jive’s various gamification and analytics modules, and the permissions functionality.

Jive: What has Jive’s biggest impact been on you, personally? How has it changed the way you work?

Scott: Jive has enabled me to make community management a team sport. Jive has enabled me to decentralize the management of the community where I can identify captains (leaders from various departments) within the company and give them ownership of different spaces and groups on the site. I can focus on providing guidelines, guardrails and guidance while letting domain experts manage different areas of the community site.

On a personal note—I love managing cross-functional teams and Jive’s easy-to-use admin tool and its ability to easily set up different privileges for users allows me to make managing the community a true team sport. This has personally been important to me because I have led teams and organization my whole life and Jive’s platform just made it easier for me to do this in building out our Marketing Nation. As you get older in life, it is more difficult to participate in team activities, but Jive has enabled me to continue to do this!

Jive has expanded the definition of a community platform—my team has been able to build a variety of applications and integrate them into community. These include Marketo’s Web Personalization product, our customized Salesforce connector, a People/Expert locator and an integration with a third party advocacy platform. We leverage Jive’s data export tool and APIs to ensure that user data is consistent across all of these applications.

We have tapped into several parts of the Jive organization and each person has been very helpful in building a successful community.

Jive has enabled me to make community management a team sport.

Scott K. Wilder, Marketo Global Nation Builder

Jive: Looking forward, how do you foresee Jive supporting your community vision?

Scott: In the next 6 months, we will continue to expand the Marketing Nation—globally, vertically and horizontally. Jive will be able to provide the platform for us to meet the needs of these digital marketers. We will also continue our strategy of building new apps and integrating them into Jive. If I have to look beyond 6 months, I think Jive’s focus on mobile and collaboration will enable us to figure out more ways to leverage Jive-n and Jive-x across the organization.


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