Red Thread has created all types of inspiring physical workplaces across New England, and recently turned this expertise inward to design an innovative virtual environment for its own employees. Its new Jive-powered Interactive Intranet, dubbed the “Red Thread Virtual Café,” is fostering more personal connections between employees, enhanced project collaboration and a strategically aligned company culture. This vibrant digital space lets employees share ideas and content, and discuss their projects, clients and strategic initiatives.

In the Red Thread Virtual Café, permissions-based collaboration groups bring together departments and cross-functional project teams on the fly, and executives share important messages. For example, the company’s CEO and other executives use Jive to publish regular blog updates on everything from the company strategy and new team members, to progress on goals and processes.

After interacting with our key partner, Steelcase, via its Jive-powered dealer community, we immediately saw the value of this collaborative approach and knew it was time to replace our stale, document-centric intranet with something that better reflected our company mission of creating inspiring workplaces. Our Virtual Café has reinvigorated Red Thread’s culture and transformed internal communications and collaboration. Jive’s intuitive, customizable desktop and mobile interfaces help us serve clients even better and faster than before because they seamlessly facilitate connections and engagement throughout our distributed workforce.

Amy Holt, Vice President of Marketing, Red Thread

Red Thread is one of many companies that use Jive to support critical human resources and corporate communications goals, such as establishing a unified company culture, increasing employee engagement and driving strategic alignment. Businesses such as ADP, GoDaddy, Grant Thornton, Pearson and Plex Systems have deployed Jive’s Interactive Intranet solution to enhance communications and collaboration between executives, departments and geographical locations.

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