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Industries: Services, Technology
  • 97% adoption in 4 months
  • Created open, collaborative culture
  • Ubiquitous experience across apps, systems & devices

Jive-n Collaboration Hub

FICO: Jive-n Powers Digital Transformation and Integrated Collaboration

"With Jive you get the best of both worlds: the industry-leading collaboration platform, plus the ability to integrate all the other tools, products and services that you need. It's a single platform through which I can deliver a ubiquitous experience to make our employees more productive."
Tony McGivern

Better Connected, More Productive

Jive-n provides a single collaborative hub for FICO employees in 28 countries, who now work together without disconnects and barriers. By providing a pervasive experience across systems and apps – including CRMs, Microsoft applications and cloud storage solutions – and devices such as computers and smartphones, Jive-n lets FICO staff work how and where they work best. It’s helped change the organization from closed and siloed to open, collaborative and transparent.

Widespread Impacts

As CIO Tony McGivern explains, Jive-n is driving improvements in all sorts of processes and functions at FICO, from innovation and knowledge-sharing to employee onboarding and engagement.