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Starwood Hotels & Resorts: Why a Jive Interactive Intranet is Great for IT

Starwood Hotels: Why a Jive Interactive Intranet is Great for IT

A Jive Interactive Intranet is helping Starwood Hotels & Resorts' IT department cut costs and reduce its workload while delighting users with better collaboration and communication.

Starwood’s Jive-powered intranet isn’t just helping the company’s 250,000 global employees connect and work better together. It’s helping IT, too, says VP of Enterprise Systems Brad Carr. From fast cloud deployment and automatic updates to employee self-service, Jive’s driving down costs and freeing up IT resources – all while checking essential boxes like enterprise-grade security.

Video Transcript

From an IT perspective, Jive was attractive for a couple of reasons. [First], we went to the cloud right away, and it allowed us to really deploy very quickly. We didn’t have the six-month lead time on setting up all the infrastructure. And we don’t really have to worry about keeping enhancement lists and negotiating with our internal customers as much. We get the benefit of Jive’s quarterly releases, which are based on all of their customers. So there’s a voice, we have a voice in that as well.

And I’ve found it from an IT perspective to be very fully-featured in the sense of things like managing security, connecting with our login process. It really fit into the environment nicely but with very little hassle. The Jive team does all that work for me.

And I like the self-service aspects of it. We let our employees create groups: invite whoever you want. It’s sort of unregulated. Again, it gives the power to the person that’s doing the work. We don’t have a giant workflow and an approval process to do that kind of thing. It’s just available to people.

One of the things we noticed right away was in our IT teams. We have IT people all around the world – largely there’s one or maybe two people in each property that are IT, and they’re really islands. And when we launched this product, they took off with it. They connected with each other, they created their little communities, and they really started solving each other’s problems and helping each other out around the clock in different geographies. So it was a huge win for us, I think.

From an IT perspective, Jive’s a platform that can save us money in our support process by allowing people access to other people who may or may not have the same problem. We can actually implement a self-service aspect to support. So if you have a problem, you can ask the community. The community can then answer you. It may be IT and it may not be IT, but you can get your problems solved probably faster than going through IT. The result of that self-service support is driving down our IT costs, which are sometimes misunderstood or not understood. But the more efficient we can be in IT by using resources around the globe, the better.

So I’m proud of what we did because it’s very impactful for the company positively. We did it, I think, quicker than most people thought we could do it. I think we did it very economically. And I’m most proud about the reaction that people are having as they’re using it, because they are really adopting it. They’re really using it for business purposes. There are some personal things going on there too, but we kind of encourage that to some degree. And I’m really looking forward to how we can leverage it for even more benefit to the company.