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Jive Customer Support Packages

Industry-leading Customer Service Packages, Powered by Jive’s Collaboration Platform

Hundreds of the world’s top companies and millions of users depend on Jive to get work done, engage customers and lead their markets. We know doing so successfully requires a responsive partnership when questions or issues arise. When they do, Jive Customer Support (JCS) has you covered. With online community and help resources powered by Jive, and expert product specialists ready to assist, Jive Customer Support will help you resolve issues quickly, get the most out of your Jive implementation and achieve breakthrough business results.


Jive Community Recognized in 2015’s Top Ten Web Support Sites

The Jive Community received accolades for increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs through a world-class self-service solution built on the market-leading Jive-x external community software.

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When in doubt, please contact Support with questions.
If the issue is not covered by Support, a Support Agent will direct you to the appropriate resource.

Support Options from Jive

Jive customer deployments vary in size, complexity and criticality. With that in mind, Jive Customer Support (JCS) offers three service plans to meet a range of requirements:

  • JCS Silver (Standard)
  • JCS Gold
  • JCS Platinum

You can also view our Support Terms.

JCS Silver (Standard)

JCS Silver provides comprehensive product assistance via online resources and knowledgeable product specialists.

The JCS Silver program includes the following:
  • Access to new releases, product updates & publicly available patches
    Ensures that customers have the latest product updates and innovations.
  • Access to the JCS Online Customer Community
    Powered by Jive, the community connects customers with peers and important content like documentation and best practices that drive success and satisfaction.
  • Jive Customer Support Online: MyJIVE™ Support Space
    In addition to the self-service community, you get your own MyJIVE Support Space—a private online space for communicating socially with Jive. It’s support and beyond: not just a place to manage and interact on support tickets but also to collaborate with Jive on projects, initiatives and other topics.
  • Assistance from Jive’s expert Customer Support Specialists
    Customers can count on Jive Customer Support to provide prompt assistance when needed.

JCS Gold

JCS Gold offers priority support with fastest service level commitments and ongoing management oversight to ensure customer support actions are aligned with your business. Recommended for organizations or deployments of medium to large size, complexity or business criticality.

The JCS Gold program includes the following:
  • All benefits of the JCS Silver customer support plan
  • Our fastest SLA response times when raising a case
  • Proactive case management oversight
    Ensures that support inquiries receive priority response and that our level of effort is aligned with business needs for each case. Proactive oversight drives success through accelerated resolution and a deeper engagement with Jive Customer Support.
  • Named escalation point of contact
    Your assigned escalation point of contact is available when needed to drive an elevated level of attention and visibility on critical issues, while providing informative status updates until resolution is reached.
  • Quarterly Customer Support Operations Review
    Ensures ongoing alignment between your organization and Jive Customer Support. In these quarterly meetings we review case history for the prior quarter, customer support performance relative to our commitments, the status of unresolved issues and critical customer events or activities requiring special planning.

JCS Platinum

Recommended for large organizations and/or complex, business-critical deployments that need the fastest response and resolution and ongoing interaction with Jive Customer Support. With proactive attention from the assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM), and priority response by our most experienced support representatives, JCS Platinum customers benefit from lower costs of ownership and accelerated user adoption, maximizing the business value of Jive deployments.

The JCS Platinum program includes the following:
  • All JCS Silver and JCS Gold benefits
  • Assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM)
    The TAM oversees the customer support experience while providing proactive guidance to mitigate issues and support your deployment objectives. This relationship is critical in helping you optimally manage your Jive deployment, resulting in the highest level of success, satisfaction and value.
  • Assisted support provided by platinum-qualified specialists
    We know that time is of the essence when organizational productivity is at stake. That is why we make our most experienced and knowledgeable product support specialists available primarily to customers enrolled in the JCS Platinum service plan.
  • Monthly Customer Support Operations Review
  • Weekly Case Status Review & Tactical Event Planning
  • Quarterly Product Release Review
  • Quarterly Product Usage & Adoption Review

Customer Support Service Level Commitments by Plan

Silver Gold Platinum
Severity 1 Initial Response Time 1 hour 30 minutes 30 minutes
Severity 2 Initial Response Time 1 business day 2 business hours 2 business hours
Severity 3 Initial Response Time 1 business day 4 business hours 4 business hours

Customer Support Service Level Comparison

Silver Gold Platinum
Proactive Case Management No Yes Yes
Operations Review No Quarterly Monthly
Named Escalation Manager No Yes Yes
Premium Case Handling No No Yes
Technical Account Manager No No Yes
Tactical Review No No Weekly
Product Usage Review No No Quarterly
Jive Product Release Review No No Quarterly
To learn more, contact your Jive sales account representative.

Customers may also wish to reference the Customer Service terms and conditions.