Starwood Hotels and Resorts Has a Five-star Experience Using Jive

Before Starwood Hotels and Resorts rolled out their Jive-powered Interactive Intranet to its 250,000 employees in April 2016, they were using a traditional one-way intranet that functioned as a company “megaphone” and little more. With Jive, Starwood now has a complete communication and collaboration hub that helps employees do their jobs and build a real community with their colleagues around the world. It’s not only easy to use but easy to set up and deploy via the cloud, enabling Starwood’s IT department to rapidly launch it on time and on budget to its entire global workforce.

Jive sat down with Starwood vice president of enterprise systems, Brad Carr, to learn more about their experience using Jive and the results they’ve seen. Brad explains how Jive has provided the company with an open collaborative platform where people can find other people and exchange ideas.

People are sharing experiences, and I think making connections out there. But the real power is the speed at which people are coming to conclusions or coming to best practices and the way in which those best practices are being shared across the globe.

Brad Carr, vice president of enterprise systems at Starwood, on the power of Jive

Carr says Jive has solved one of the biggest pain points Starwood faced in the past—search capabilities. With Jive, employees can find the answers and information they need within seconds, spending less time looking for content online and more time focusing on their jobs and customers. Jive also provides employees with a mobile-enabled community, rich out-of-the-box capabilities and an overall “funner” place to work.

Carr goes on to say that Jive provides Starwood Hotels and Resorts a place to access information, collaborate, drive productivity and ultimately improve the guest experiences at Starwood properties—leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as additional shareholder value.

Brad Carr Discusses Starwood Hotels and Resorts' Jive-powered Interactive Intranet

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