Interactive Intranet File Sharing

Make File Sharing Fast, Simple And Seamless

Simplify document collaboration. Put a stop to out-of-control review cycles, clashing versions and chaotic email threads. Make all your files easy to find and easy to work with. Jive Interactive Intranet provides a one-stop-shop for sharing, communicating and collaborating – ending disconnects and keeping everyone in sync.

Files are no longer siloed in separate systems, cut off from people and processes. With an interactive intranet, everything is centralized and organized in collaborative spaces that bring together all the pieces you need to get work done: all your team members and all the content, resources and files required for a particular project or task. This includes files stored in external systems like SharePoint, Google Drive and Box. Using simple, pre-built connectors, Jive pulls information from these systems into the interactive intranet. Files can continue to live in the external systems, but users can work with them just as if they resided in Jive, making everything easy to see, share and collaborate on.

Files Hosted In Jive

Upload And Share

You can easily upload files to Jive, individually or in batch mode. Tag them and share them with colleagues. Post your files in collaborative spaces and groups, where everybody in that space or group can access them, or share them with specific people of your choosing. You can also attach files to Jive documents, discussions, status updates and direct messages.

Collaborate And Manage

Jive gives you complete control over who can see, share and edit. Users with access can preview, download, comment, follow, bookmark and share files. You can manage files in various ways, mark their status (official, final, outdated, etc.) and assign actions. Jive keeps track of the version history so you don’t have to.

Files In External Systems

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Jive integrates with leading file management and storage systems such as SharePoint, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. Jive’s robust APIs support integration with other systems as well.

Streamlined File Management

When you integrate Jive with other systems, you get the best of both worlds. Files can continue to live in these external tools and take advantage of their file management capabilities, but they’re no longer siloed. They become part of a unified environment. Users can view, discuss and interact with the files transparently as if they resided in Jive.

Everything In Sync

Jive syncs activity between Jive and external systems, so versions, comments and information stay up-to-date and consistent across Jive and connected platforms. All of this leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

Unified Search

With Jive, there’s no more need to separately search multiple systems in order to track down people, content and conversations. You can find anything, whether it’s in Jive or external systems connected to Jive, with a single efficient search. Jive’s smart search technology finds exactly what you’re looking for, with personalized results matched to each user.


Beyond Interactive Intranet File Sharing

Beyond file sharing and document management, Jive Interactive Intranet is a complete digital workplace for communication, collaboration, networking and knowledge-sharing.

The world’s most successful brands use Jive to empower employees, engage their workforce and achieve new levels of productivity. Explore eight major ways that companies are using Jive to drive business.

File Sharing Integrations

Jive Interactive Intranet integrates with some of the most widely-used file sharing and management systems, making work easier than ever. Examples include:

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