Drive Intranet Adoption, Participation And Engagement

Jive’s Advanced Gamification expands on the platform’s built-in game mechanics to deliver a more personalized, highly targeted experience. Advanced Gamification makes it easy to create custom missions, competitions, badges and redeemable rewards to drive user participation, engagement and helpful behaviors like peer-to-peer support and brand advocacy.


Jive’s basic game mechanics are automatic, driving intranet engagement with points and recognition.

But we’ve gone further, providing advanced gamification that really amps up participation and enthusiasm.

  • Create targeted missions, contests and badges that encourage specific actions, like giving helpful answers and peer-based support.
  • Provide powerful incentives in the form of rewards that users can redeem in your own rewards store.
  • Grant special privileges like content creation and moderation, giving your biggest fans a bigger stake in the community.
  • Use leader boards to tap your community’s competitive spirit, acknowledge top contributors and cultivate product champions.

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