Jive Intranet Integrates Fully with Gmail

Don’t let great ideas and conversations get trapped in your inbox. Jive for Gmail integrates Gmail with your Jive community, providing the social context and connectivity that email lacks. View profiles and access activity streams. Turn email strings into discussions. Share files. All without leaving Gmail.

Email is notoriously inefficient, producing tangled message threads, endless reply-alls, overflowing inboxes and unavoidable confusion. Jive’s Gmail integration stops the madness by letting you convert email strings to discussions in Jive. The conversation can be private (restricted to individuals of your choice) or public (held in Jive collaborative spaces) and can include attachments. You can also take part in existing discussions, comment on documents and blog posts, and more, all from Gmail. You have full access to Jive social functions like @mentioning, liking, sharing and more. And since the discussion is taking place in Jive, it’s fully searchable and reusable, so nothing gets lost.

Email generally provides little information on the person you’re communicating with, other than a bare-bones signature. Jive’s Gmail integration adds the missing social context, letting you view rich profiles of everyone you’re talking to. Jive’s Gmail integration adds the missing social context, letting you view Social Profiles of everyone you’re talking to. And if they’re a member of your Jive community, you can click through to see their full Jive Profile, complete with personal activity stream.


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