Jive + Google Integrations

Jive Offers Out-of-the-Box Google Apps Integrations

All the power of a Jive Interactive Intranet plus the convenience of Google Apps: with these out-of-the-box integrations, you get both. Edit Google Docs, share content from Google Drive and more – while collaborating in Jive.

Google Docs Integration

Jive’s Google Docs integration makes it easy to create a Google-enabled intranet that combines the best of both worlds: the collaborative features of Jive Interactive Intranet and the powerful document authoring and storage capabilities of Google. Create docs in Jive and store them in Google, or create docs in Google and share them in Jive.

Google Drive Integration

Bring Google’s cloud-based content-sharing to Jive intranets, enabling users to transfer files of any size with robust security and drag-and-drop simplicity. Share and collaborate on files stored in Google Drive from inside Jive, or work in Google Drive while Jive synchronizes content automatically.

Gmail Integration

Don’t let great ideas and conversations get trapped in your inbox. Jive for Gmail integrates Gmail with your Jive community, providing the social context and connectivity that email lacks. View profiles and access activity streams. Turn email strings into discussions. Share files. All without leaving Gmail.

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