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Bring Social Collaboration To Any Website

Jive Anywhere is a revolutionary capability that brings social collaboration to every website and web-based application. Wherever you go on the web, Jive Anywhere gives you access to related content, conversations and connections from your Jive community. And it makes it easy to share web-based content with colleagues in Jive, importing fully-formatted data and reports with a click.

Now you can take your social business network with you everywhere on the web.

Jive Anywhere is a simple browser plug-in that installs in seconds with no IT involvement and no expense. It’s the most cost-effective integration ever, instantly bringing Jive social capabilities to a vast array of resources, systems and applications.

Visiting a website or using a web app? Just click the Jive Anywhere tab in your browser. A sidebar opens, showing you related conversations, documents and groups in your Jive network. You can see what your colleagues are saying, start a discussion, launch a group and more.

Say you’re checking out a sales opportunity in Salesforce, or a job candidate in LinkedIn, or document in Google Docs.

Just click Jive Anywhere to collaborate, discuss and share feedback with your team. The same goes for your own in-house systems. Jive Anywhere adds social interaction to static intranets, invoicing systems and other legacy web apps.

With its Snapshots feature, Jive Anywhere captures data from any website or web app and brings it into Jive. Just click to embed HTML content from an external website or internal enterprise system directly in a Jive discussion, keeping the original styles, images and hyperlinks. Marketers can share Google Analytics data, social media monitoring dashboards and lead reports. Sales can discuss pipeline reports. HR can share LinkedIn profiles.

Using our SDK, you can build your own Jive Anywhere “cartridges” to instantly capture key data from web-based systems. Import a live feed from your CRM, your ERP or other system of record and embed it in a Jive group or discussion, where everyone can view and leverage the data. The possibilities are endless.


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