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We’ve made it easy to get up and running quickly with simplified pricing and packaging that bundles all the essentials (and much more!) into a single, powerful offering. No tiers. No fine print. Just the entire Jive platform, in your hands from day one for game-changing engagement, collaboration and connection.

  1. “Before Jive, it was difficult to get your job done. It was difficult to find people. And now, you can just log in. Jive is always on. It’s always available. It’s on your mobile phone. It’s on your desktop. And it just makes life so much easier.”

    Global Community Director, Pearson
  2. “Jive has made a real difference at our company in a very short period of time. People feel more connected to each other. People feel like they have a voice to bring up their ideas, to respond to others. Jive isn’t just platform to read, it’s a platform to be involved.”

    Chief People Officer, GoDaddy
  3. “With the launch of Jive we have not only have our best intranet but also a new layer of collaboration that’s connecting our senior leadership down to every level of the organization and allowing bidirectional communication in a way we never had in the past.”

    Senior Collaboration Manager, Ricoh

Comprehensive Capabilities

Jive comes standard with all the core capabilities you’d expect from the world’s leading collaboration and communication platform – plus many advanced features you’ll find nowhere else.


Spaces & groups, document collaboration, file sharing, task management


People directory, rich profiles, social networking

Search & Discovery

Enterprise search, recommendation engine, ideation

Engagement & Rewards

Quests and rewards, peer badges, engagement dashboard


Full-featured mobile intranet app


Community health and engagement, personal analytics, impact metrics, sentiment analysis


Pre-built integrations to apps from Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Cisco, Jira and more

Security & Compliance

Security and privacy certifications, eDiscovery, encryption at rest, antivirus protection and more

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