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Direct, Real-Time Insight Into Your People And Processes

You’re an HR leader working to inspire and train your people, nurture talent and build a high-performance culture. Or you’re a Corp Comms professional tasked with aligning and informing your workforce. Or an IT leader using new tools and technology to help employees work better. How do you know your programs are really making a difference? How can you be sure they’re having the desired effects on your people and organization? And what adjustments should you make for even better results?

In the past, you’ve had to rely on hunches, vague statistics and hindsight. But what if you could see how your organization is responding to your initiatives in real time? What if you had accurate, data-driven insight to guide your tactics, make timely corrections and better target your efforts for maximum impact?

That’s why we created Jive Insights Advanced. 

It’s a new kind of analytics tool that goes beyond stats and surveys and provides direct visibility into employee responses, concerns, needs and wants, giving you the understanding you need to optimize programs and drive productivity, alignment and engagement across your organization.

Leveraging Jive’s proprietary contextual analysis engine, sophisticated natural language processing and the wealth of data generated by your Jive Interactive Intranet, you can now make sense of all the great ideas, passionate conversations and reactions of your employees to move your business forward.

And you don’t have to be an analytics honcho to use it. With its intuitive dashboard, Jive Insights Advanced lets you quickly answer questions like:

  • How are people responding to your latest HR, IT and change initiatives?
  • Does your workforce really understand and buy into your company strategy and direction?
  • Who are your key influencers, emerging leaders and strongest voices?
  • What issues are top-of-mind for your employees? What are their biggest concerns, motivators and areas of satisfaction or discontent?
Understand your people and organization on a whole new level. Track the impact of programs and initiatives, identify emerging issues and themes, find influencers and more.
Are your programs getting through to your people, and how are they responding? There’s no need to guess or wait for surveys. Jive Insights Advanced shows you what’s happening in real time.

Initiative Analysis: Track the Effectiveness of Your Programs

Optimize your HR, Corp Comms and IT efforts with real-time feedback on the impacts of your employee development, talent management, IT rollouts and other initiatives. Monitor reactions to specific programs and actions. Are people tuned in? Are they responding positively? Are your efforts having the desired impact? You specify the initiative, and Jive Insights Advanced shows you how employees are responding.

Theme Analysis: Stay Ahead of the Trends

Jive Insights Advanced is your early warning system, detecting hot topics and areas of concern as they bubble up in your organization. You can spot emerging employee problems and address them before they become burning issues. You can discover promising new ideas and help bring them to life. And you can identify employee actions and achievements that deserve more attention and support.

Get out of reactive mode and address issues as they arise. Jive Theme Analysis automatically detects trending topics and themes and alerts you, so you can take immediate action.
Who are the key influencers in your organization? Jive Insights Advanced helps you find them, so you can develop new talent and groom future leaders.

Infuencer Analysis: Find Hidden Talent

Who are your biggest influencers – your movers, shakers and difference makers? Jive Insights Advanced is a much-needed addition to your talent management capabilities, helping you find company champions and future leaders.

Sentiment Analysis: Understand Engagement and Satisfaction

Go beyond statistics and surveys and get an ongoing, real-time read on employee morale and engagement. Jive Insights Advanced is like a finger on the pulse of your organization, letting you track sentiment and satisfaction across the company and within specific departments, groups and teams. Get the information you need to foster a vibrant culture, thriving employee community and energized workforce.

Track employee satisfaction and engagement over time and at every scale: across the company and within specific departments, groups and teams.

Next-Generation Community Analytics

Jive Insights Advanced is a powerful tool for community managers, too. Whereas community manager reports (Jive Insights Basic) are great for tracking growth and usage in Jive Interactive Intranets, Jive Insights Advanced gives you a deeper understanding of your users and their experience: what’s working for them and what isn’t, where they’re confused or frustrated, and how you can improve things to drive engagement and satisfaction even higher.

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