The Jive Advantage

Jive is the most adopted collaboration platform in the world. Discover why organizations of every size and from every industry choose Jive to power the future of work.

Business Impact You Can Measure

Higher productivity
Greater Job Satisfaction
Lower turnover
Fewer IT tickets

Average results from hundreds of Jive customers, verified by independent researchers

The Highest Adoption Of Any Product On The Market

Simply put, employees love using Jive. It’s the world’s most adopted intranet, with industry-best participation: the average Jive customer sees an 83% daily active user rate. That’s because Jive delivers the most relevant content in a user-friendly interface, which means goodbye ghost-town intranet, hello ROI. 

The Easiest To Use Platform For Admins and Users

Jive is incredibly intuitive for people to learn, use and manage. There’s no learning curve and no extensive training required, so your employees can be more productive from day one. Plus, it’s easy to configure Jive to match your brand and your functional needs – with no IT resources needed. 

The Industry’s Most Powerful Search Engine

Jive saves your employees 51 minutes per day by making information easier to find. Jive’s groundbreaking PeopleGraph technology harnesses machine intelligence and social graph analytics from Amazon to enable employees to discover the people, expertise and insights they need to do their jobs. Jive puts knowledge at your fingertips – with the same powerful search on your phone or tablet.


  1. “Employees at organizations using Jive gained 51 minutes per day in increased productivity. ”

    Verified by independent researchers
  2. “Jive reduces employee email load by 21%.”

    Verified by independent researchers
  3. “Jive customers see 61% better employee alignment.”

    Verified by independent researchers
  4. “Using Jive to improve productivity added an extra 2-4% to the top line.”

    Verified by independent researchers

The Single, Secure Hub To Unite Your Systems

Jive unifies your most important applications in a single, secure, platform-agnostic hub built for digital transformation. With pre-built integrations with Microsoft, Google and more, a comprehensive and always-growing library of APIs, and seamless search across applications, Jive connects systems as well as people.

The Scalable Intranet You’ll Never Outgrow

Jive allows you to start simple and add capabilities over time so you never outgrow your intranet. Anyone can create content, pages and groups, and unlike other out-of-the-box solutions, it’s easy to scale as you grow. With Jive, you can tackle new use cases and support your digital enterprise without additional cost or resources.

The Experienced Global Leader That Delivers Innovation

Jive established itself as the gold standard in social business technology and remains the most adopted primary collaboration platform in the world. We’re dedicated to solving real business challenges, from innovative advancements to the platform to customizable support and services offerings. Top companies in every industry rely on Jive for a reason: we know how to make collaboration stick.

Why Jive? Watch And Learn.

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