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Businesses are decentralizing faster than ever in the digital age.

Technology has allowed companies to expand beyond the confines of corporate walls, working with employees around the world in coffee shops, in home offices and on the go – often using mobile devices. While digital transformation and globalization have opened up vast new opportunities, they’re also making some things more complicated. People, information and systems are increasingly fragmented. Not only aren’t people in the same location, they’re not even using the same tools. There’s no single place for connecting, collaborating and getting work done. That’s where Jive intranet portal software comes in, giving companies a complete digital hub for engaging, working and doing great things — together.

Meet The Next Generation Of Intranet Portal For Companies

Whereas traditional intranets are typically stagnant sites for official company content and little else, Jive has created a new kind of dynamic, people-centric intranet portal. Jive’s “interactive intranet” is a single platform for up-to-the-minute company communications, employee engagement and onboarding, conversation and collaboration, knowledge sharing, enterprise search, organizational analytics and more.

Accessible via browsers and a mobile intranet app, an interactive intranet portal integrates with external enterprise systems, bringing information into a one-stop collaboration hub. Interactive intranet portals are highly engaging, with a modern consumer-style interface. They’re not only easy to use; they’re easy to set up, launch and manage – so easy that business users can administer them without IT help, saving lots of time and money.

While traditional intranet portals suffer from low utilization, employees flock to interactive intranet portals because they make work so much easier while also providing genuine human connection with colleagues and the company as a whole.

Is There Anything An Interactive Intranet Portal Can’t Do?

Jive’s intranet portal is a turnkey platform, with a complete array of features and capabilities that every company needs to get work done.

Media-Rich Corporate Communications

Create irresistible, personalized news pages, announcements and news feeds that every employee will see and consume, even deskless workers without computers. Go beyond one-way, top-down communication and spark genuine dialogue between leadership and workers.

Personalized Experiences and Knowledge Discovery

Machine intelligence proactively connects people with the colleagues and knowledge they need to do their job well. Jive’s interactive intranet solution leverages proprietary PeopleGraph technology to understand employees roles, needs and relationships – and apply that understanding to deliver personalized, productive user experiences.

High-Powered Collaboration at Every Level

Quickly create collaborative spaces for groups, departments and projects. Gather all the people, content and resources that teams need to stay informed, work together and accomplish any goal – in one convenient location.

Integrated Digital  Hub

Bring information and activity from external systems into your intranet portal software, making everything easy to find, share and collaborate on. Ready-to-use integrations let you connect the apps you depend on, like Office 365 and Google Drive. An interactive intranet portal can bridge your IT infrastructure and break down silos, creating a one-stop-shop for communication, learning and collaboration.

Ready-to-Use Pages and Spaces

Employees can create their own landing pages and group spaces without any IT support. With pre-built pages and spaces for employee onboarding, sales enablement, HR, IT help desk and departments, Jive’s interactive intranet portal makes it fast and simple.

Improved Support

Interactive intranet portals power great peer-to-peer support and self-service experiences. Employees can get answers and resolve IT and HR  issues quickly without submitting tickets, offloading support staff and cutting costs.

On-the-Go Collaboration

Complete mobile capabilities enable employees to tap the full power of the interactive intranet anywhere. They can stay productive away from their desk, or even if they don’t have a desk.

Enterprise Collaboration Through Intranet Portal Software

New workplace realities are rapidly changing the way the world does business. A modern intranet portal provides the agility and connectivity companies need to keep pace. Learn more about the future of enterprise collaboration – and what it means for you – in our free infographic.

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